About the Download

When Rolex debuted the all new Zenith Daytona 1652X range they were taking a huge risk with the new design elements so they wanted to make it as special as possible. The earliest pieces produced came with a porcelain dial that was quickly retired by the manufacturer since it was too expensive to produce and also very fragile. Some people say it is the most beautiful dial Rolex ever produced and there are countless unique characteristics to fall in love with like the serifed 3D printing, floating cosmograph and the enameled “porcelain” dial surface. These first series examples are holy grails to collectors and in recent years have seen a significant uptick in interest. The steel 16520 porcelain we see in the R serial range and the gold 16528 porcelain we see in the L serial range. This example is an L4xx serial and as you can see has been very sparingly worn. Besides the dial and early serial, porcelain dial Daytonas have a unique bezel that is graduated to 200 UPH compared to the mk2 bezel graduated to 400 UPH. This mk1 bezel is in excellent condition with almost all of the original black paint fully there which commonly fades from wear. The case appears to be unpolished and the original caseback sticker seen is still there.

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