About the Download

This is quite the rare bird, a 1966 TR 900 with a letter of provenance from the original owner who served in the Navy’s Marine Corps from the mid 60’s until the early 70’s. There were approximately 1,000 of these watches produced, but they were required to be turned back in by the naval infantryman who were issued them after their enlistment. Because of this, these watches are extremely rare and there are only around 40 Tornek Rayvilles known to exist in the collecting community worldwide. There are so many cool details on this watch, “U.S.” on the dial, fixed lugs so it can only be worn on a NATO, moisture indicator, brushed steel case that won’t reflect light, promethium lume instead of tritium and the best part the caseback that says “if found please return to nearest facility danger.” This example is in excellent condition the bezel has no cracks and the tropical brown dial is 100% perfect. It comes on an original issued NATO in very nice condition with brass buckle. This has to be one of the nicest surviving TR 900’s in the world and because of the rarity these almost never come up for sale.

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