About the Download

This watch is insane, to think that it started it’s life as a glossy black lacquer dial in the mid-1960’s is pretty mind blowing. Tropical watches have always been the most fascinating to me since they each have their own unique personality and character. I think the reason they resonate with people so much is that tropical/brown dial watches are not a reference number on a piece of paper, but they are a one of a kind piece of art. This particular 1675 is one of the prettiest GMTs I’ve ever seen and definitely the most tropical and mint gilt GMT I’ve ever had. The dial has no scratches, chips or damage and it retains a very glossy sheen which is rarely seen on tropical gilt dials. The case is very good and appears to be unpolished, but it does have some wear as you can see in the photos. The 7206 rivet is in nice condition and compliments the piece nicely. It also comes with the GMT card, translation paper, box and booklet.

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