About the Download

This is a super cool watch, every aspect you look at it checks the box, single swiss, PCG case, original bracelet, beautiful underline dial and mega fat font bezel insert. This reference also is known to have the gloss disintegrate so having an example like this with a still glossy dial is very rare.  This model is in a very narrow serial range and it is between the chapter ring dial and the swiss t25 dial. This watch has serial number 1,00x,xxx which is right where it should be.  It comes with the original dated 7206 that is in excellent condition and the unpolished case is so nice it is insane. The watch was originally purchased by a pawn shop five years ago from the original owner, it went to a collector in LA and I just acquired it from him. Someone is going to get an amazing watch, this piece is really special and undervalued.

Feel free to email or call me for more information geoffjr@isringhausen.com  –  (217) 725-2022